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Gimme Three Steps

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Pictured to the right is the original Little Brown Jug at the corner of Edison and Acosta located in the Riverside area of Jacksonville, Florida, just south of downtown. This building as you see it here no longer exists, it has been purchased and converted to office space.

past.gif - 24864 Bytes To the left is a view of the West Tavern as its stands today. This is where Gary claims that the band found its inspiration for 'Gimme Three Steps'. In Gary's words: We went in this W. T. West Tavern one day -- me, Ronnie and Allen. Me, I never danced in my whole life. We always played so people could dance. I never been able to. But anyway, this girl came over and wanted Ronnie to dance, because he was old, you know? So they went out and started twisting and doing the Monkey. This guy came in and said, "Hey, that's my girl. You better get. What are you doing dancin' with her?" And Ronnie went, "Hey, I'm just having fun."

Anyway, this guy was gonna whip Ronnie for dancin' with his girlfriend. They were in a little fight and the only reason the girl was dancing with Ronnie was because she was fighting with her boyfriend. Then the guy pulled a gun and said he was gonna blow Ronnie's brains, you know? And Ronnie said, "Please just let me leave. I don't know the girl. I don't want to see her again." And he turned around he said, "If you're gonna shoot me, you're gonna have to shoot me in the ass or the elbows." And we started walking out, er, Allen and me saw Ronnie walking so we started to walk. We got to the car and we wrote it in the car driving back to the house.

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